A costant and balanced growth, focused on the quality of the relationship with our clients. How we define ourselves? Concrete, punctual, innovative. We are the staff of Studio Legale Guffanti: in these past years we have gained a deep experience and we are able to assure you a complete legal assistance. The passion for our job, constantly updated, the enrichment arising from the contribution of the individual lawyers in the areas of competence and the constant confrontation have allowed us to develop the professional wuality needed to assist step by step our clients in the realization of their ideas and in the resolution of their issues, from the smallest to the most complex.  High proficiency, efficiency, advicing, dynamism, constantly updating: these are the guiding principles of Studio Legale Guffanti.


The choice of a Farm consisting of a competent professionals Team in individual areas of Law is the product of deep convintion that, today more than ever, the client needs to be followed at 360° and with precision, competence and specific knowledge of the individual topic.

The complexity of the rules, the specificity of the Law areas, the constant professional formation and updating requested for staying abreast and always giving a punctual and highly professional service, require resources that have a wide and complete type of knowledge, but at the same time combined with the specific one about the individual subject of the issue. Studio Legale Guffanti is all of this, a professional Farm where people can find an high-level legal assistance, all-round and complete for each of the areas in which clients might need assistance.

Giulio Mario Guffanti

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Barbara Mandelli

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Adele Corigliano

Diritto del lavoro - Diritto di famiglia

Ilaria Mandelli

Contrattualistica - Diritto della Privacy - Diritto di successione

Ileana Cianciaruso

Diritto penale - Diritto amministrativo - Diritto dell’immigrazione

Valeria Sterlina

Diritto immobiliare - Diritto bancario - Diritto penale - Mediatore civile e commerciale - Conciliatore

(Italiano) Monica Trezzi

Diritto del consumatore - Diritto di famiglia - Volontaria giurisdizione

(Italiano) Elisa Stagno

Recupero del credito - Diritto internazionale - Contratti internazionali

(Italiano) Valentina Tucci

Diritto immobiliare - Aste immobiliari - Recupero del credito

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